What Wine Goes With Lasagna
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What Wine Goes With Lasagna?

The question of what wine goes with lasagna has been a frequent one in our house, but how can you tell which wine will go with your favorite pasta dish? This article will look at the best wine pairings for lasagna, including Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and Zinfandel. It will also reveal which pasta dishes pair best with each wine type. This article will also discuss some of the differences between these wines and what they do best with lasagna.


Whether you enjoy red or white wines, you can easily pair a wine with lasagna. However, you must do your homework to find the best wine to pair with this dish. This way, you’ll ensure that your meal’s flavors are complemented. This article will provide some suggestions for pairing a wine with lasagna. Read on to find out more about how to match a wine to this delicious Italian dish.

Starters: If you’re unsure which wine goes best with lasagna, choose a zinfandel. This acidic wine has contrasting fruit flavours and goes well with lasagna’s earthy flavors. It also has notes of black pepper and complements the beef found in lasagna. Zinfandel is closely related to Primitivo, a white wine with bold fruit and rustic flavours.

Medium-bodied: Light to medium-bodied California Zinfandel is a good choice for this meal. It is smoky and fruity, similar to BBQ sauce. However, don’t be fooled by the term “sugary”-style wine – a light-bodied one will go better with lasagna than a high-end wine. While the latter may be the most expensive option, its alcohol content is high and it will clash with the tomato sauce.

Another good option for red pasta meals is a Pinot Noir. This Italian wine is a classic red that goes well with lasagna. It is acidic but doesn’t overwhelm the dish and has a smooth texture. It’s a good choice if you prefer a wine with a little less acidity. In addition, it also pairs well with traditional pesto sauces. It will also go well with lasagna.

Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to pairing wine with food, there are many rules that go beyond the traditional red-and-white combination. One of the first and most important is to match the intensity of the meal with the type of wine. For instance, heavy meals require bold wines, while light dishes require lighter ones. Likewise, you can pair wine with food according to color. For example, if lasagna contains white meat, then a white wine would be the best option. On the other hand, if lasagna is made of vegetables, then you can serve white wine to balance the dish’s flavor.

A light wine is also appropriate, especially if the lasagna contains a light tomato sauce. Prosecco and Rose wines are both safe choices and can cut through the richness of the dish. However, if the lasagna is rich and creamy, a full-bodied red wine like Cabernet Sauvignon might be appropriate. The wine should be able to complement the lasagna’s flavor and texture, so make sure to select one with a medium to full-bodied tannins.

If you’d like a lighter wine to accompany your lasagna, you may want to try a dry Prosecco sparkling wine. This wine is bursting with acidity and vibrant flavors, and will help cut through the richness of the lasagna. As you can see, there are many possibilities when it comes to wine pairings with lasagna. You can pair it with various types of lasagna, and try a few to find a match that you enjoy.

Pinot Noir

A light red wine, like Pinot Noir, will pair well with lasagna. Its fruity and spicy aromas and soft flavor will complement the meat and tomato-based dish. Pinot Noir is a delicious choice for lasagna with the accompanying Italian chopped salad. A white or rose wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc, may be preferred for a white-meat lasagna. A red wine of the same region will work well with lasagna, too.

A red wine that pairs well with lasagna will complement the dish’s tomato-based sauce. Pinot Noir is a medium-bodied red wine, with a bright acidity that cuts through the richness of the lasagna. To choose the right wine, read the wine’s description on the label. If you’re unsure of what wine to choose, begin with a dish that you know well. Its citrus and herbal notes will make the dish go down easier.

If you’re in the market for a starter wine, consider Zinfandel, a fruity, bold red wine that complements lasagna. Its smoky flavor is similar to that of BBQ sauce. Its rounded acidity will balance the savory meat and vegetables in the dish. Zinfandels also pair well with lasagna because they’re low in alcohol and are not overly syrupy. However, you should avoid the expensive Zinfandels, as they tend to be high in tannin and will clash with the tomato sauce.


A good choice for a Sangiovese wine goes with lasagan. Its subtle flavor, low tannins and fruity aroma make it ideal for a hearty first course. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a bottle, you can use this wine with a simpler recipe. It has the same sweetness and acidity level as the lasagna and will complement the dish well.

This Italian wine is also excellent with lasagna, which is made from layers of pasta. The tart cherry and black cherry flavors are complemented by the sweet, tomato-based sauce. This wine also adds a sliver of herbal flavor, which helps to cleanse the palate between mouthfuls. Choosing a white wine for lasagna, however, should be a matter of contrasting flavor. A light-bodied pinot grigio will cut through the dish’s richness while offering hints of fruit.

Whether you choose a light or heavy-bodied Sangiovese wine, you can’t go wrong with either one. If you are new to wine pairing, you can use the flavor descriptions on the label of the bottle. Wine manufacturers also offer a brief introduction to each variety of Sangiovese. A taste description will help you choose a wine that matches the food the best.


If you’re unsure of which wine to pair with your lasagna, it’s worth checking out Melissa Summar’s guide on what wine goes with lasagna. The author of the guide is an expert on food and wine pairings. She knows that lasagna is one of the most classic Italian meals and is often served during the holidays. While the traditional pasta dish often contains meat, seafood, and salty cheeses, there are many variations of the dish that can be served with different wines. Here are some wine pairings to try:

For those who don’t want to eat pasta, try a lightly oaked Chardonnay. Its sweeter flavor goes well with the creaminess of the pasta and the sauce. In addition, oaked Chardonnay also pairs well with creamy cheeses. For a more sophisticated pairing, try Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc. A red wine that is too dry might not go well with this meal, but a lighter one might be better for vegetarians.

While Chardonnay is often considered a dry to medium-bodied wine, its flavor can vary depending on its region of origin and when it was harvested. It can have a light lemon taste, a mineral taste, or even tropical fruit flavour. If aged in oak, it can impart vanilla flavor. If you’re planning to pair lasagna with a heavy cream sauce, consider a medium-bodied, unoaked Chardonnay.

Sauvignon blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, almost tart wine that is a great match with lasagna. Its light flavors and high acidity go well with the creamy, vegetable-filled lasagna. In addition, it pairs well with grilled chicken, cheeses, and green vegetables. Another delicious wine that goes well with lasagna is Soave, which is made from the Garganega grape. Its flavors include peach, citrus, and sweet marjoram. For those of you who are wine beginners, this Italian wine is a perfect match with lasagna.

The meat-based lasagnas include the classic Bolognese. Italians usually use sauteed meat mixtures for this type of lasagna. However, some chefs use seafood, ricotta, and other ingredients. Classic Bolognese pairs best with a Sangiovese or Super-Tuscan wine, while more modern neo-classical styles pair well with Sauvignon Blanc. The creaminess in these dishes is balanced by the acidity of this wine.

If you’re looking for a more intense flavor, you can try a Cabernet Sauvignon. The acidity in this wine makes it a good choice for lasagna. This wine pairs well with the spicy sauce of lasagna. If you prefer a lighter wine, you can try a Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio. Just make sure you pair the right kind of wine with your lasagna. You can’t go wrong with these two!


Wine is a complex drink with many variables, such as the food it’s paired with and the occasion. With lasagna, there are endless possibilities for wine pairings. We’ve outlined some of our favorites to get you started in your next dinner party planning. But remember, always experiment and find what works best for you and your guests. What will be your go-to wine pairing for lasagna?

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