Bishop’s Vineyard wine is a brand that has been chosen, supported and preferred by The Most Reverend Michael C. Barber, who encourages parishioner participation. By purchasing our wines, you are supporting the following:


Catholic Education

Catholic Schools educate children in the Catholic faith, nurturing their souls and inspiring them to live as a reflection of Christ. A recent study found that the rising cost of tuition is the #1 reason parents choose not to send their children to a Catholic school. As mandated by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, it is the responsibility of the entire Catholic community to keep Catholic schools available, accessible and affordable. A portion of the income from the Bishop’s Vineyard Wine Club sales will be put towards accomplishing this very goal, providing grants for families in financial need who would like their children to benefit from Catholic education. By purchasing our wines, you are doing your part to ensure that children will thrive in a Catholic-centered academic environment, which inspires leadership and dignified achievement among all who attend. To date, Bishop’s Vineyard has contributed $35,000 toward this cause.

Charities and Fundraisers

Bishop’s Vineyard happily supports Catholic organizations, such as the Knights of Columbus, in their efforts to fundraise for specific causes. We participate in Food Bank, Youth Homes and St. Mary’s College fundraisers, among others.